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Beautiful red foods! I ran to our mini farmer’s market over my lunch hour and picked up some of the most beautiful tomatoes I have ever seen and some great strawberries. I LOVE  farmer’s market strawberries, they are so much smaller than supermarket ones and much, much sweeter. 

Yesterday, I was stopping to get some lunch after an awesome, but exhausting day of shopping (I was coming down from my retail high and feeling famished). I saw a little frozen yogurt place called Orange Leaf and thought “what the hell? I’ll give it a shot”. It was so good! 

I’d never heard of this place before, but they have tons of different flavors, and a lot of fruit toppings you can add. They have cereal, and chocolate chips, and sprinkles, but I was trying to make this as healthy as possible. 

I decided to get a cup of the peach frozen yogurt with some strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. It was delicious! 

The peach frozen yogurt was 32 calories per oz. That means this 8oz cup was 256 calories. I definitely didn’t need to put THAT much frozen yogurt in my cup, so I would remember that in the future. Still, this is a far healthier choice than a chocolate sundae!

This is my favorite healthy dessert to make for myself!

I have a really strong desire for something sweet after I finish my supper, and my mom came up with this really great idea to satisfy that without downing a pint of ice cream. 

This is one chocolate rice cake with 2 tablespoons of light whipped cream on top. I add just a light drizzle of chocolate sauce and slice up a strawberry. It’s shockingly good, and only about 90 calories

Sometimes instead of whipped cream I’ll spread a half a tablespoon of my peanut butter on the rice cake and that is also really great. That’s only 100 calories!

Any time I need to get take out, but I’m trying to still make healthy choices my go-to item is always a veggie wrap. However, these can get kind of pricey, so I decided to make my own at home. 

I got these fantastic wraps at the store:

They’re full of flavor, and only 120 calories. I sauteed mushrooms and red pepper, diced up cucumber, and tomato and one of my favorite foods: avocado.

So beautiful. I added a little bit of mozzarella cheese:

After several fumbled attempts at wrapping up the tortilla, I was able to finally make it work. I grilled it on my George Forman Grill, which was perfect. I love the grilled lines on the tortilla, and the press does something great to the vegetables and cheese. It really binds it all together. 


In case you were curious: this wrap with the ingredients I listed was only 242 calories and was super yummy and filling. Obviously the calorie intake would change based on what you would put in your wrap, but this is a great healthy option. 

Yogurt for breakfast

Chobani non-fat blood orange

It was delicious

Really, in all seriousness this was delicious! I’ve never had a blood orange before, and I wasn’t sure about combining orange with yogurt, but this was fantastic. A very filling 140 calorie breakfast

One thing I’ll miss about college is definitely going to be the random free stuff. A couple of weeks ago I walked into the gym and GNC was giving out these free shirts. Score! A new shirt to wear at the gym. Great motto to live by, too. 

The worst part about being sick has definitely been the fact that I need to stay out of the kitchen. I haven’t been cooking partly because I haven’t been feeling up to it, but mostly because my mom isn’t really interested in eating a meal I’ve been breathing my germs all over. So, for the 3rd or 4th time this week my mom made dinner. And it was deeeeliiicious.

She made baked pork chops that were breaded and roasted potatoes. The pork chops were from Whole Foods which is probably why they were so delicious, but the breading on them was probably the best part.

She cut the pork chops in half and then dipped them in egg before coating them with a combination of bread crumbs, garlic salt, and a few other spices. 

Then she baked them for about 30 minutes along with some rosemary potatoes. After the pork chop was cooked, she used the zest of a lemon to top off the flavor. Delicious! 

My healthy breakfast! 1/2 small banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on an english muffin. 216 calories :)

By NO means am I a health expert. Right now, I’ll just say that I’m a work in progress. During this progress, I’ve been learning a lot about healthy eating and proper exercise. From what I’ve learned, proper exercise is a good balance of cardio and strength training. 

For many young women, this presents a bit of a conflict. Most fitness facilities (or at least the larger ones) have separate rooms for the weight training areas and the cardio machines. Unfortunately, these rooms seem to have somewhat divided the sexes: cardio rooms are a mix of mostly women and some men, while the weight room is almost completely dominated by men. Though I have very little base for comparison, I sense that this is something scene most commonly at college fitness facilities. Many of my female friends, including myself, have always been intimidated by stepping into the weight room. It seems so dominated by men, and a lot of the machines can seem complicated to figure out—I totally get. It is not an irrational concern by any means.

The little bit of feminist in me want to stamp out this stereotype, plus we’re all missing out on some health benefits by avoiding this room, so here are a few reasons to cross the threshold.

1. Yes, people are staring at you. But it’s temporary.

When I was very hesitant to first start using the weight room at my fitness facility, braver females than I had given me advice. It was usually along the lines of “I know it seems like people are staring at you, but they’re really not. It’s all in your head,”. Let’s be frank here: people are staring at you. But I promise you it’s temporary. To a certain extent, it’s hard to blame the bros in the weight room; if you’re not used to girls being around the room you frequent, you would have a tendency to stare when one walks in. I mean, if a monkey walked into my Italian class at 8am I might stare for a bit, too (I’m suddenly regretting my feminism claim earlier: I just compared women to monkeys).

Here’s an image to emphasize my analogy: 

If only me Gender & Women’s Studies class could see me now.  

To be fair, I’ve never been the size 6 girl walking into a weight room full of men in my work out gear, I would imagine that might get some unwanted stares that may linger a bit longer than someone would be comfortable with. But still, it is temporary. The first few sessions might feel a bit awkward, but as you become a regular, the stares will absolutely go away. 

2. You don’t look as silly as you think you do.

Some of those machines are baffling. Where’s my leg supposed to go? What do my arms do? Is 50lbs too much? What muscle is this supposed to be working? Oh that’s where my legs are supposed to end up! It’s ridiculous. But, again, this gets better. If you take the time to look a bit stupid your first time in the weight room and actually read the instructions printed on the screen, you’ll benefit down the road. 

When I first started in the weight room, I approached it the same way I approached ordering a drink while I was under age rocking a good outfit: its all about confidence. If you act nervous and twitchy and run away from a machine when you can’t figure it out, you will look stupid. Patience will eventually lead you to look like a pro—and more importantly, feel like a pro. Try focus too much on what everyone else is thinking, you’re at the gym to focus on you, not every one else. 

3. …have you ever watched the guys in the weight room?

After a few days in the weight room I felt pretty comfortable there and I found myself looking around and observing everyone else’s behavior. One day I was in between sets at a machine and I realized that all four of the guys on machines near by were just sitting at their machines staring at themselves in the mirror. Then I kept watching: I would bet about 60% of the men I saw in the room would do about one set and spend as much as 5 minutes just staring at themselves in the mirror or texting someone on their phone. 

Really? This is what we’re intimidated by? Judging by the stench I would imagine there are a great number of guys getting a great work out in the weight room, but its kind of hard to be intimidated by the guy who’s been staring at himself the entire time you’ve done 3 or 4 sets on two different machines.  

4. Chance are you’re not alone (or you don’t have to be alone).

I first started going to my fitness facility’s weight room about a year ago. I’ve visited intermittently, but when I’m being consistent I try to spend about 25 minutes there 3x/ week; and I have never been the only girl in that room. If another female presence comforts you, I can almost guarantee you will not be alone.

Another option is going in with a girlfriend; this way you can problem solve those stupid machines together. Company usually provides security, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean we are women, we can’t even go to the bathroom by ourselves (again, worst feminist ever). Just promise you won’t be that crowd of girls standing around one machine and not really doing anything: there’s nothing worse than waiting for 20 minutes for the ab machine to open up because there are three girls sitting on it and not doing anything (same rules apply for the gentlemen).

Oh god, PLEASE don’t do this. 

5. Don’t let a few odd looks prevent you from the health benefits of building muscle.

Like I said in point #2, you’re at your local fitness facility to be a healthier you, so it doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks. Cardio is great for you, but building muscle is going to do some fantastic things for your body as well. From what I understand building muscle helps you in the long run: weight training helps prevent osteoporosis, it helps you burn more calories during your cardio work out, reduces risk of injury when you’re working out, and of course helps you stay (or get) toned. Really, the list is endless. 

This is a point that can also be made for men: if your cardio room is so dominated by women on ellipticals that you are intimidated, reconsider! Lets all just reconsider our priorities: is a room full of funny looks for a few days really worth giving up your health goals?

There are many ways to build muscle without stepping foot into the weight room, but you can’t deny the benefit of all of those different machines. Ultimately you have a choice; you can sit home and do this to build muscle:

or you can take the brave step into the weight room and give it a go. 

Worst case scenario, you don’t like it and leave, right?